History as Prologue Sunday Crossword Puzzle

History as Prologue Crossword Puzzle

Part crossword puzzle, part scavenger hunt, today’s inaugural launch of a regular feature for this blog isn’t too difficult for students of American History. If a clue gives you pause, simply refer back to the past year’s posts on History as Prologue and you’ll be back in the game in no time!

4-21 Crossword

Crossword Puzzle Clues4-21 Crossword Clues


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Mark Thomas is a former active duty Marine, now a veteran teacher working in the Indianapolis, Indiana area. A professional writer in both print journalism and digital content writing, Mark combines his love of teaching history with his passion for the written word. His personal blog, History as Prologue, http://dmarkthomas.com/, reflects his deep interest and knowledge of how the past influences the present. Mark can be contacted at Mark@dmarkthomas.com

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